Takashi Yamada

life in Japan, design and more.



Takashi, Publisher of YankoDesign.com, is responsible for bringing the content and vision to Yanko Design. Past businesses decent into fine dining, web-development and retail design. Prior to Yanko Design, Takashi was a consultant in the multibillion dollar luxury industry in Japan. Clients included Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Bulgari and various exclusive groups such as Richemont (Cartier, Alfred Dunhill and Montblanc).

He currently focuses on his passion of modern industrial design and pushes as a “design agency” to promote original ideas and talented undiscovered designers through YankoDesign.com. In five years it has grown amongst the most respected and visited design sites on the web. Takashi was born in Japan and raised in Canada. Currently he spends his time residing both in Japan and Canada.